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We offer a large portfolio of different products from various sources. Our goal is to meet customers’ needs and to provide advice and solutions that fit their requirements best. 

Animal By-Products

Animal By-Products

With meticulous attention to quality and efficiency, our range encompasses a variety of carefully selected animal by-products, including meat and bone meal, blood meal, and more.
These ingredients deliver essential nutrients vital for livestock health and performance, contributing to improved growth rates, enhanced feed efficiency, and strengthened immunefunction.

Complementing our feed ingredients, our organic fertilizers harness the nutrient-rich properties of animal by-products to nourish and revitalize soil. From bone meal-based phosphorus supplements to nitrogen-rich blood meal formulations, our fertilizers enrich the earth, fostering healthy plant growth and maximizing yield potential


Vegetable Products

Our comprehensive range includes a diverse array of vegetable products, each chosen for its exceptional nutritional profile and contribution to animal health and performance. From protein-rich soybean meal to energy-dense corn and feed wheat, our products serve as cornerstones in optimizing feed formulations for various livestock species.

Utilize the transformative impact of integrating these vegetable products into your feed formulations to enhance growth rates, improve feed efficiency, and support overall animal health with precision-engineered blends designed to meet the specific dietary needs of your livestock.

Cow feeding


Our advanced feed additives represent a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges faced in modern livestock production. By addressing the critical issues of mycotoxin contamination, antioxidant protection, and amino acid supplementation, our products offer a holistic approach to optimizing animal health, performance, and profitability.

By effectively managing mycotoxins, providing antioxidant support, and optimizing amino acid intake, feed additives promote robust immunity, efficient growth, and overall well-being in livestock.

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