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The Company

Founded by agricultural engineer Andreas Krecek in 2008, Luxtrade GmbH has made a name
for itself in agricultural wholesale. We stand for an excellent network of suppliers, many years
of experience and, above all, reliability.


Competent. Flexible. Versatile.

Our team of commodity purchasers, sales managers, logistic professionals and office managers is able to provide excellent services from the procurement of goods to contract processing and shipping.

We prioritize excellent customer service and quality products over pure mass merchandising while skipping as many marketing layers as possible.

The key to our long-standing success lies in our long-term cooperation with  customers and suppliers, who value our reliability and trustworthiness.

AEO Certificate

Luxtrade is an AEO certified trading company.


Pure. Qualitative. Certified.

We mainly focus on worldwide trade of raw materials and ingredients for animal feed.
These products are high-quality proteins and fats that are of great interest for production in the pet food and livestock feed industries.

Through our large network of suppliers we are also able to offer various
additional products for agricultural and wholesale purposes (e.g. fertilizers).

We exclusively work with certified producers all over the world and continuously provide high-quality products for our customers. 

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